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A Closer Look | FEB 2015 Green Machine Sales with John Green

A Closer Look | FEB 2015 Green Machine Sales with John Green


Based on his name, John Green, president of Green Machine Sales, might have been destined to work in a green business. But he didn’t know that.

He studied business and finance in college, tested the waters in a few different industries, and finally wound up working in the material handling business. “It was of great interest to me,” he said, “compared to the financial sector.”

However, if he could redo his college years, he said, “I would have trained as an engineer because my interests lie more in the mechanical world than pencil pushing.”While working in the material handling business, he believed that the increased landfill costs were sure to cause an increase in recycling.

He said that his thoughts about landfill costs were wrong, but his prediction was still correct, since the increase in commodities prices and the public’s desire to recycle fueled the growth of the recycling industry. In 1991, he started a recycling equipment distributorship.

Soon, his company began developing and manufacturing components for recycling equipment; now they design, build, and sell all of their own equipment, components, and systems, including conveyors, optical sorting systems, and screen separating systems.

While they cater to the recycling industry, particularly construction and demolition, municipal solid waste and e- waste recycling, they also sell to other industries, including agriculture and pharmaceutical.

The systems are all customized to fit the client’s site and built to suit the customer’s needs for throughput and material separation. All components are 100 percent American made.

Green Machine Sales employs about 90 people, in manufacturing, service, installation and administration, in four different locations. The company is incorporated in New Hampshire and that’s where the research and development work is done, UL-listed panels are built and the Green Eye Optical Sorting Recycling Systems are made.

There are two facilities in New York– a sales and service office, and the primary manufacturing facility. A new office was opened in Oregon for sales and service, which gives them a larger presence in the west – until recently, the majority of sales were east of the Mississippi, although they also sold some systems overseas.

While there are other staff members working in the sales office, Green said that he is the only salesperson, and he said that the customers “enjoy the fact that the owner is the only sales agent and that we offer direct personal attention.”

Besides selling the equipment, Green said, “I am always first on the scene and last on the scene” and he’s available to customers at all times via cell phone.

The sales discussion starts with the tons per hour to be processed, the material being processed, and the site where the equipment will be placed. Green Machine then creates a three – dimensional view of the equipment. Once that is accepted, building begins.

Not only does Green Machine design and build the equipment, but they also install it and train the employees on how to use and maintain it.

If customers have an old machine, Green Machine can upgrade it or resell it through their other company, Green Machine Brokers.

After the equipment is in place and running well, Green said that he likes to stay in contact with the customers and help with any maintenance they might need.

Green Machine Sales is seeing the fastest growth with their Green Eye Optical Sorting Recycling Systems. Unlike other sorters that “see” color, the Green Eye systems identify components and materials at the molecular level, for much more precise sorting.

The machines also “see” in three dimensions, so they can see through shrink wrap or through barrier bottles. The sorters can tell the difference between types of wood, different grades of carpet, and can even sort paper by wood type, print, and color.

Even though the equipment is high-tech, Green said that he’s particularly proud of “the sheer ruggedness of our brand.” He said that he expects that many machines will be in service for 25 years ormore before a rebuild or redesign is needed.

“It’s very satisfying to meet and exceed a customer’s requirements,” Green said. We like to under-promise and over -deliver.”

Published in the February 2015 Edition of American Recycler News

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