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County Waste of Virginia purchased an existing recycling facility in Virginia in March
2014. At the time of the acquisition of this recycling facility, we realized that the existing
system was inadequate for our long term needs. Our previous company, County Waste
(Clifon Park, NY) had selected Green Machine to build a 30+ ton per hour single stream
recycling facility located in Albany, New York back in 2010. Based upon our previous
great experience with Green Machine, we sole-sourced selected Green Machine to retrofit,
modify and build a new single stream recycling system for our newly acquired recycling
facility in Virginia.
Now that we have the experience of having our new single stream recycling system up and
running in Virginia, we can tell you the following:
• Te new system was up and running 3-4 weeks SOONER than promised
• Te new system came in right ON budget, with no material change orders
• Te new system is producing QUALITY end product baled recycled material
• Te tonnage per hour throughput of the system is DELIVERING as promised
I am a very hard person to please. However, what else can I say about Green Machine other
than our Company received equal to or better than we bargained for on every key perimeter
of purchasing and operating a new recycling system.
Green Machine got the job done for us and I give them my highest recommendation.
Scott T. Earl,
President and CEO
Tel: (603) 329-7337 • www.greenmachine.com • greeneye@greenmachine.com