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Foothills Sanitation & Recycling, Inc. Expands Their Recycling Operations

Foothills Sanitation & Recycling, Inc. Expands Their Recycling Operations

Foothills Sanitation & Recycling Inc.,located in rural North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, has operated a single line, dual-stream system purchased from Green Machine since 2006. Owners Jeff and Janet Miller saw the need to expand their facility capabilities to process increases in local material generation. After years of research they determined single-stream mixed recyclable collection was preferred by their customers, but struggled to make the economies of scale of their small rural community make economic sense for this large-scale business investment.

Jeff Miller says, “We spoke to all major single-stream equipment manufacturers but only Green Machine listened to our needs. Green Machine was willing and able to incorporate our existing equipment within their new system design without expanding our 18,000-square-foot building footprint at a cost that made business sense. We love the operational features of our system design and the cleanliness of the sorted materials.”

John Green of Green Machine says, “I can’t take full credit for the success of this design. Final system design modifications generated by both Jeff Miller and Alan Grove, GMS engineer, vastly improved material processing flow and uniquely enabled the positive removal of newsprint allowing valuable high-grade fiber to discharge directly off their post-sort conveyor.”

Alan Grove of Green Machine indicates that it’s the customers’ unique material composition that enabled the Green Machine to design a system that met both the Millers’ budget and their community needs.

Jeff and Janet Miller’s new recyclables processing capabilities have enabled Foothills Sanitation to improve services to Wilkes County, North Carolina, and now offer the same to their six bordering counties. Jeff Miller indicates that his company’s investment in and baling capacity has opened the door for communities to have a locally owned company economically process their mixed single-stream recyclables. Additionally, commercially generated source-separated materials have a continued partner in the area with increased capabilities.

“With the success we have realized so far, we see the benefits of further expansion to meet the growing community’s needs,” Janet Miller says. “It was only through the support of our local community a financial grant provided by the state of North Carolina and the efforts of our valued employees was this project possible, ensuring further environmental protection for one of North Carolinas most pristine areas.”

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