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GREEN EYE Patent Pending Optical Vision System

GREEN EYE Patent Pending Optical Vision System

Collect’s 3-dimensional information on a molecular level. This process allows us to see through outer wrappers, identify unique molecules and colors. Our high speed processor collects information at accelerator conveyor belt speeds up to 900 FPM achieving never before seen throughput rates with 95% + accuracy. Information is collected of unwanted items simultaneously with wanted. This enables the Green Eye to block those undesirables from air ejector miss-hits achieving clean pick rates unattainable by our competition. Most cases eliminating the need for post sorting. Applications for this new optical technology are limitless. We invite prospective customers to send their application samples to our GREEN EYE® material testing facility located in Hampstead, NH. Customers are invited to come and inspect our results in person or view via a web link in real time.

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