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Green Machines® Manufacturing Facility:

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Green Machine® manufactures all of our recycling equipment at our 70,000 square foot facility. This state-of-the-art building located in Hampstead, NH. Green Machine® also operates a plant in Whitney Point, NY. All of the components used in our equipment are manufactured at these two plants, making our equipment 100% American made.

The Green Machine® plant in Whitney Point is the site of manufacture for all of the major structural components used in our machines. The New Hampshire location is home to our UL listed panel building shop and the Green Eye® optical sorting system plant, which creates all components used in that system. While our large headquarters is in Hampstead, Green Machine’s® highly trained and experienced engineers are distributed between the two facilities to ensure that all components are held to the highest of standards and pass multiple quality assurance tests.

Both of our manufacturing plants have proven to have some of the industry’s lowest operating costs. The Green Machine® workforce is exceptionally well trained and educated. Our facilities make the most use of the favorable business climate in the areas in which they are located. We also use low-cost construction methods to pass on the savings to the consumer.

It’s our skilled labor force and innovative engineers that allow Green Machine® to create many new and unique products. These new products and techniques have resulted in fast growth for the company. Everything Green Machine® has done is thanks to our employees. They deserve the credit for all of our success.

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