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Of the Green Machine SSR Facilities built, all of them are currently in operation

Statistics prove owning a Green Machine is an advantage with most Green Machine processing plants currently increasing their market share. Customers credit their initial low equipment investment cost coupled with the robust systems design, low maintenance and operating costs, though many of us are still worried about tomorrow, next month and next quarter. The business model of a Recycling Facility in the future is going to have to be built around the abundance model, where returns may not only be made by commodity price increases but through earning stronger margins on your activities or by being properly positioned when the market stabilizes and growth returns. Increased labor costs coupled with higher market cleanliness standards have generated a business climate that many of your competitors have found impossible to endure. Green Machine customers have weathered this storm but  many struggle. Those weathering it best are attacking each challenge head on by increasing their systems throughput volume, maximizing their systems performance and upgrading their equipment resulting in improved cleanliness and sort rates.

Many Green Machine customers start with a site visit from our Process Engineers for a full system assessment. Our technicians start with performing a full system tuning identifying your systems best clean throughput TPH baseline. This is followed by a complete system analysis with an emphasis on identifying all low hanging fruit items such as screen disc spacing, system process adjustments, staffing assessments and maintenance critique designed to maximize your current system investment. Next our business managers interview customers to assess their market challenges, growth area potentials. That information is then passed on to our engineering division where system upgrade opportunities are designed to increase throughput, material cleanliness and decrease per ton processing costs. In today’s market if your plant isn’t operating at a minimum one ton processed per employed manual sorter, you’re in danger. Some Green Machines have reached 2 ton SSR material processing per man ratio through increases in processing throughput and automation.

These are challenging times, but the chart below offers some perspective of the long term commodity price fluctuations we have experienced in the recent past. Most current predictions suggest that prices should hold or inch upward over the next two years.  Overall trend lines show this to be likely explained in the below graph and market assessment. Those processors investing in the future will be in position to set the new processing base lines in a market with less competition. There is no sign public sentiment is turning away from recycling diversion, so expect material to continue to flow no matter which direction the economy heads. Investments are currently being made at Green Machine on new highly innovative and affordable products designed to compliment your existing or future processing system requirements. The genesis of our innovations comes through interaction with our customer base solving industry problems together.  Contact our parts and service department (603 329-7337 Ext. 1)to make a system survey appointment.  A description of our standard PMPI “Preventive Maintenance” program which is designed to help consolidate multiple plant “milk runs” reducing travel time and costs.


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