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MSW – C&D Disc Screeners

MSW Sizing Screen

GREEN SCREENS® newly developed robustly designed rotary disc sizing screen offers the durability and flexibility processors have been asking for. This new technology offers superior material recovery rates replacing more expensive vibratory systems delivering better results in less than half the space with minimal reversals and shaft wrapping. Our Patent Pending system design allows for material sizing and distribution performed on the fly enabling precise material mixing and integration of automated sorters like optical, magnetics and ballistics. Recovery rates on MSW sorts can achieve 40% with minimal labor with up to 60 TPH throughputs. C&D recovery rates and throughputs can achieve even better ROI results. The industry now has an affordable Mixed Waste processing system that makes money for the customer not just the equipment vendor. System is available in an variety of system sizes and designs.

Green Machine® sets a new level of efficiency in single stream recycling & gained the credibility of developing the industries most resilient single stream recycling
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