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LCRMS Opens Single-Stream MRF

LCRMS  Opens Single-Stream  MRF

by Anna Dutko Rowley

More counties across the county are embracing the single-stream recycling trend. Late last year, Lycoming County (PA) Resource Management Services (LCRMS) opened a new 60,000 square-foot.

LycomingCounty (PA) Resource Management  Services (LCRMS) opened a new 60,000 square-foot single-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Pennsylvania.The MRF can sort and bale up to 20 tons per hour. Attendees visit the new MRF at an open house.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to process recyclables from single-stream collections. LCRMS serves counties in northeastern Pennsylvania including Lycoming, Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Union and Snyder.

“While creating a five County solid waste plan, it became apparent that the communities wanted more recycling. Couple that, with local haulers already offering single-stream recycling to its customers. LCRMS recognized the shift from disposal to more convenient recycling at the curb as a priority,” said Jason Yorks, Lycoming County Resource Recovery Manager.

The MRF, which is adjacent to the Lycoming County Landfill in Montgomery, Pennsylvania, can sort and bale up to 20 tons per hour of comingled recyclables. Officials say when the facility is running at full capacity it will be able to serve an even larger area.

Green Machine manufactured and installed Lycoming’s equipment, including a fully automated container sort line that includes four Green Eye optical sorters. A grant from the Carton Council also helped to purchase one optical sorter that will sort aseptic gable top containers.

LCRMS is satisfied with the performance of the MRF equipment. “The equipment has its normal start up issues to work out but overall it has performed very well.From the installation crew to the support crew for follow up. Green Machine has exceeded all expectations”, said Yorks.

MRF Processes Single-Stream Materials

Green Machine Waste OCC Screen Single-Stream
Green Machine manufactured and installed the recycling equipment at the MRF. Final polishing screen that remove any remaining fiber and is then sent to the fiber sort line.

Recyclable material supply is made up of  residential drop off, curbside single-stream along  with some commercial/Industrial. Materials that are processed at the facility include OCC, Old  Newspapers, low  grade fibers, Tin, Aluminum, PET bottles, HDPE  natural and   colored bottles, Aseptic/Gable   tops,  Mixed  Rigid  Plastics, and  Plastic Film. All single-stream material is collected at the curb by private haulers and LCRMS provides the pickup for  drop-off sites.

Like most  single-stream MRFs, the material comes in and is dumped on the tipping floor, and  then a loader dumps it into a metering bin. The material is then conveyed up to a Presort line where all the bags are broken open, all metals and mixed rigid plastics are pulled out.All bags  that are pulled off are put through a vacuum system to a bunker for baling.

The first of five star screens separate out the OCC from everything else. “As the Screens do  their job we then have two streams of material, fiber and containers. Fiber will go directly to the  finish manual sorting line where we get out small OCC, any plastics  that may have  made it  up  the through the screens and  all other non-Newspaper material. The News will then go off the  end of the sort line,”said Yorks.

Containers go through four Green  Eye sorters a magnet, and an eddy current. The optical   sorter picks out PET, HDPE natural, HDPE  colored, aseptic and gable  tops containers.   LCRMS moves its. material  through weekly pricing from a list of brokers, who provide the  trucking.

Stable Markets For Recyclables

Markets for recyclables are currently stable, said Yorks.”Our markets  have been stable for the  most part for some time now. I do see a drop in plastics and a small decline in the fiber, but as I remind my staff about pricing, it’s not always about the best price, it may just be as simple as ‘can you move  it?’ like plastic film. Most of us remember  the pricing during  the recession  of 2008 and 2009 and we really don’t care to go back  to those days ,”explained  Yorks.

“One of the issues related  to the markets and brokers  is the  incredible shortage of  trucking   available, especially when it comes to domestic loads. Our  export  containers are  usually   less  sensitive to  the  seasonal  produce movement or paper mill shut downs,” he added.

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