Does your sorter see thru outer shrink wrap labels?
Can your sorter identify black and white colors with ease?
Can your sorter identify bio plastics, PVC, styrene and barrier bottles?


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Optical Sorter Green Eye

Patented Hyperspectral Technology

GREEN EYE® identifies all recyclable materials using its patented Artificial Intelligent Hyper Spectral imaging system, which gathers informationbased on an objects molecular structure, like no other sorter!

green eye optical sorter

Green Eye Optical Sorter

Sorts 1s thru 7s, Engineered Polymers & Bio Plastics, individually or in groups. Sees through shrink wrap labels and identifies barri ers. Blocks aluminum, paper and organics.

Sorts clean natural wood from, pressure treated, creosoted and painted wood streams at extremely high yields.

Sorts multiple grades of C&D materials including gypsum board, all grades of carpeting, fibers, and plastics.

More Info: Green Eye® Optical Sorting Recycling System

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