Polisher Separation Recycling Equipment

Polisher Separation Screens

GREEN SCREENS® polisher separation screens are primarily designed to separate two dimensional items like fiber from multi dimensional items such as containers. Separate Fibers From Containers using our large polisher screen. Our screen uses rapidly rotating discs mounted on shafts with each shaft moving progressively faster than the last. This combined with separately hinged upper and lower decks that are fully articulable gives you control over discharge contamination of both fiber and container streams.

Control Throughput and Contamination Levels The ability to modify various operating parameters gives you the power to control how much throughput our screen processes and what level of contamination to expect. At optimal conditions, one large polishing screen is rated to process up to 16 TPH.

Patented Wrap Resistant Spacers Our patented wrap resistant spacers keep your screens clean and running efficiently. Also, our discs and spacers can be adjusted/replaced without removing any shafts, saving you even more productive time. Combined with the lowest rubber disc wear per ton processing cost, our screens save you money on replacement parts and prevent downtime.

Special Features

  • Three Zone Design – Each Zone Speed and Angle Individually Adjustable
  • Composite Disc Design – Split Disc Design For Easy Replacement
  • Spacer Design – Patent Pending Wrap Resistant Split Spacer Design
  • Fines Removal Screen – Patent Pending Auto Articulating Deck “Optional”
STANDARD DECKSurface Area: 25′ x 9′ 6
STANDARD OVERALL HEIGHT20’ 11” Fully-Lifted Height
POLISHING SYSTEM INFO2-1/4″ x 3-5/16″ Opening Size
THREE ZONE DESIGNEach Zone’s Speed and Angle Individually Adjustable
COMPOSITE DISC DESIGNSplit Disc for Easy Replacement. Spacer design: Patented Wrap Resistant Split Spacer Design
AUTO ARTICULATIONPatent Pending Auto Articulating Deck; Optional
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