Polisher Separation Screens

GREEN SCREENS® polisher separation screens are primarily designed to separate two dimensional items like fiber from multi dimensional items such as containers. This process is achieved by mounting rubber discs to a multiple shafts mounted to an incline deck. The adjustable incline of this screen deck uses friction to pull the fiber to the top and allowing containers to roll off the bottom of the screen deck. Full deck articulation coupled with our separately hinged upper and lower deck articulation controls discharge contamination of both fiber and container streams. Our patented GREEN SCREENS® performance is unmatched with higher clean processing throughput, wrap resistant spacer systems and field adjustable disc spacing, coupled with the industry’s lowest per ton rubber disc wear cost, makes GREEN SCREENS® the recycling industry’s best performing separation system.

Special Features

  • Three Zone Design – Each Zone Speed and Angle Individually Adjustable
  • Composite Disc Design – Split Disc Design For Easy Replacement
  • Spacer Design – Patent Pending Wrap Resistant Split Spacer Design
  • Fines Removal Screen – Patent Pending Auto Articulating Deck “Optional”

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