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Green Machine® Recycling Systems

Buy A Recycling System Born In The USA From US!

Green Machine engineers have designed our complete
product line in house.


  • 100% control over the final outcome of your project
  • 100% American Made with commonality of parts and technologies
  • Industry’s lowest maintenance costs

Waste Recycling Systems

While there are loads of recycling systems, Green Machine® is unique and proud of it! Our company leads the industry as the only company completely based out of the U.S.A! We have strict control over every aspect of our machinery, from planning to creating and distributing. The money market is incredibly competitive. However, we do not let it control our motives and end results. Our company is expressly run off of our own dedicated team and their hard (and much appreciated) work. Marketing is not our leader. We provide for our customers a product quality like no other when it comes to our recycling systems. Our parts are all locally sourced, and should there ever be an issue, we are quick to make any repairs or adjustments necessary! Your satisfaction is our number one priority! Because of this, we can guarantee that even with years of use, our products will provide the very least maintenance costs compared to any other system.

We’ve Been in the Business for a Long Time

Green Machine® has been around for over 30 years! This kind of experience goes a long way on its own, but when you combine it with our hardworking team’s commitment and total understanding of our recycling systems, we not only promise that you will get a great life from your product, but we can back it up, too. Promises are easy to make but harder to prove. We do both!

Our Recycle Systems have So Many Benefits

First of all, our recycle systems are completely made in America, through and through. This means that our products are locally sourced and boosting our economy and strengthening businesses right here at home! Also, when we are not only creating the blueprint for your new system but building it as well, we maintain a strict quality control standard that holds up at a different level than other companies. We monitor functionality and performance as well as overall appearance and quality every step of the way, from our design team to your business.

Speaking of your business, you won’t have to lift a finger! Our expert crew will install our recycling systems with the best knowledge of the mechanics of your machine, the electronics and wiring, and will also give expert training on how to not only use your machine but how to help it provide a long and lasting life as well. We can also assure that when using our recycling systems, you will be provided with the best and smoothest start! Our programmers designed the system to be simple and clean to get you up and running in no time. We had our team on the ground at not only the design level, but the total product development as well. These engineers have continuously improved our product, providing you with a unique system that is easy to learn and also leaves room to grow as you use the product, learning on the job. Once you are all set up and satisfied with our recycling systems, be sure to remember that our team is not only highly qualified, but always more than happy to help with any potential needs that may arise. We will help prepare you for your machinery and also help you maintain it!

We Offer Many Different Options

We know how important variety can be to you and your company, and we offer many different styles of recycling systems. We have the right system for you with options ranging from single stream recycling systems to plastics recovery systems, and E-Waste or Scrap Metal recycling systems, plus more!

Our Recycle Systems

  • Made in America. Every effort is made to ensure that only American made components are used in the manufacturing of our full product line.
  • Manufacturing. All our products are designed and manufactured entirely in-house ensuring quality control and system performance.
  • Installations are performed entirely by our in-house installation crews including mechanical assemblies, field wiring, commissioning, and operational and maintenance training.
  • UL Listed Panels. Our panel building shop and in-house programmers ensure a clean system start-up with personalized SCADA management system development.
  • Waste Recycle Systems Design. Engineers immersed in both product development and systems design provides users a system concept that combines component mastery with personal on site operational experience.

For more information on what Green Machine® can do for you, get in contact today!

Our Recycling Systems

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Advanced Recycling Systems
Made in USA



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