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Container Sorting System

Container Sorting Recycling

Green Machine® has designed and manufactured both manual and fully automatic container sorting systems that can be used for a number of different operations.All of these sorting systems have been created to withstand heavy use, sort waste as efficiently and correctly as possible, and require little maintenance. They are also budget-friendly.

Our manual sorting systems are designed with the employees in mind. To that end, we have created an ergonomic design that minimizes injuries and repetitive motions while still keeping the system efficient and fast.

We also have partial and fully automatic container sorting systems that make use of our Green Eye® optical sorters. These sorters are able to identify different items and automatically sort them into groups by color, shape or material. Our sorting systems also use waste sorting equipment such as eddy current systems and magnetic separators. These help to separate the ferrous and non-ferrous items automatically.

Sorting waste manually often requires employees to handle dangerous items such as broken glass. However, the Green Screens® glass breaker fine removal system can be used to automatically reduce glass to a (-) 2 particle size. These particles can then be removed along with any other fine waste. Finally, the system makes use of air separation “ballistic separators” to provide diversion of light bulky wastes and other small light fiber materials such as those often found in broken screened glass or general mixed containers.

We invite all of our customers to discuss their container sorting needs with one of our professionals or to visit one of our two locations to see our sorting systems in action.


Casual Living Unlimited’s newly commissioned baled plastics processing plant began accepting mixed bales this January. James Allgyer, owner of Casual Living, needed a cheaper, more reliable source of clean feedstock for his high-quality plastic wood furniture company.

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