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Container Sorting Equipment

Green Machine® Designs and manufactures both manual and fully automatic post-consumer and industrial container sorting systems that can meet any high or low material processing requirement. As more exotic packaging products are developed better technologies to identify and sort those containers are needed. Patented Green Eye®   Hyperspectral imaging technologies is the world best system for identify difficult to identify polymers and multi polymer containers. High powered E-Centric eddy systems are capable of sorting lower density aluminum containers through higher levels of contamination. Vacuum systems for Light film plastics help to maintain clean container recovery and screening systems remove nuisance fiber from mixed container streams. Some of the benefits Green Machine offers to container processors are listed below.

  • Patented – Green Eye® Hyperspectral Automatic Optical Sorting Systems
    • Processing up to 10 TPH of containers Automatically
    • Identify all plastics streams by their base polymer
    • Identifies Low Value Thermal-Forms and Barrier Bottles
    • Dark and Black Plastics most polymers
    • Positive and negative sort recipes to collect and block commodities
  • Robotic Artificial Intelligence Sorting Systems
    • High and low technology Robotic Sorters to meet industry performance/budget
    • Color Sorters – Hyperspectral imaging artificial intelligence
    • High speed track mounted dual sorting heads
  • Eddy Separators / Ferrous Metal Magnetic Separators
  • Float Tank Technologies
  • Air Drum and Vacuum Density Separators
  • Thin Film Collection Systems
  • Manual Container Sort Lines
    • ergonomically designed to maximize recovery
    • Ergonomically designed to limit employ risk of injury

In any processing application designers must understand customers’ goals, local commodity markets, labor costs and growth potential. Most container sorting systems are a blend of automation and manual sortation which meets our customers over all budget and performance criteria. Green Machine manufactures every facet of their processing systems offering total turnkey solutions with system quality and price point our competition cannot afford. Want to know more about our container sorting systems? Contact Green Machine today.

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