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Commercial Dry Waste Recycling

Dry Waste System Application

The processing of Industrial/Commercial commingled waste streams comprised primarily of bulky cardboard, office paper,mixed recyclable materials and trash.

Commercial Dry Waste Recycling

Commercial dry waste is an issue in both the retail and the industrial industries. While a number of different recycling collection methods have been used in the past, no system has been 100 percent effective. However, Green Machine’s® new dry waste recycling system is capable of collecting mixed recyclables and sorting them into various groups. This makes the entire dry waste disposal system much more efficient and much cheaper. With no need to sort materials beforehand, the cost and time involved in commercial recycling is lowered dramatically.

The dry waste recycling system designed and manufactured by Green Machine® is the most efficient automatic sorting system in North America. It can separate each commodity from a mixture of various commercial dry wastes using several different techniques. These techniques include a network of screens that sift out small items, a set of conveyors, automated optical sorters, air separation methods, and some manual sortation. These methods can be somewhat effective on their own, but when combined, they can sort dry waste with a very high success rate. Once sorted, waste can be easily recycled or compacted down for other use. Without a system to separate mixed recycling, the entire process would take much longer.

All recycling systems created by Green Machine® are designed to produce the cleanest end product possible. Their dry waste disposal and recycling system are no exception. Companies looking to add a more efficient and clean recycling system should look no further than Green Machine’s® powerful Commercial mixed recycling equipment.