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Fiber Sorting System

Fiber Sorting System
Fiber Sorting System

Fiber Sorting System Equipment

Fiber sorting mixed fiber materials has always been a challenge but more so now with increasingly stringent cleanliness standards. Green Machine deploys multiple processing methods to produce clean highly marketable fiber streams. A few of the fiber sorting system components developed by Green Machine are listed below:

  1. Patented Fiber Separator Screens
    • Primary method of separating 3D containers from 2D mixed fiber streams
  2. Patented Optical Sorters
    • Precise sortation of paper grades individually, together or remove contaminants
  3. OCC Separators
    • Disc screener that separates large quantities of bulky Card Boards
  4. Ballistic air separators
    • Another method of separating 3D containers from 2D mixed fibers at lower throughputs than Fiber Screens but without shaft wrapping
  5. Robotic Sorters
    • Labor saving method of final positive or negative inspection sorting 80-120 PPM
  6. Air Drum Separators
    • Produces an airfoil which separates light fraction from heavy great fiber removal from heavy glass.
  7. Ballistic Bounce Belt Separators
    • Final fiber removal from container streams effective at collecting heavy fiber stock and wet fibers.
  8. Wind Sifters
    • Vacuums loose light fibers from heavy compostables, glass – dens mat’l streams
  9. Film/Fiber Vacuum Collectors
    • Vacuum light thin film bags from light fiber and container streams
  10. Sorting Conveyors
    • Tried and true ergonomic manual sorting systems

These different component tools deployed individually or together within a system design can produce clean marketable material grades listed below:

  • #6 Cardboard
  • #8 Newsprint
  • Mixed Office paper
  • High grade paper
  • Kraft Paper
  • Boxboard
  • Aseptic Gable Top Fiber
  • Other wood fiber-based products

Why Use Green Machine Technology to Process Your Fiber?

It is very labor intensive to manually sort fiber without mechanical assistance and meeting current fiber cleanliness standards is nearly impossible without assistance from today’s technology. Green machines patented hyperspectral imaging system precisely identifies all fiber streams separating those commodities at the industry’s highest production levels. Typically a combination of mechanical, optical with manual inspection of varying degrees enables processors to meet market demands and identify their sweet spot which maximizes profits.

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