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Fiber Sorting System – Office Waste Processing

Fiber Sorting System

Fibrous materials can be difficult to recycle because they’re often mixed in with other materials. Paper and cardboard typically cannot be recycled together, which means that they must be pre-sorted before they can be bundled and prepared for the recycling process. That’s where the Green Machine® fiber sorting system comes into play. It’s capable of taking a commingled batch of fibrous materials like paper, newsprint, high grade paper, cardboard, and other wood fiber based materials and separating that batch into like materials. This saves time, does not require pre-sorting, and is a much cheaper way of recycling fiber.

The Green Machine® MRF fiber separator works by combining a number of different sorting and recycling pieces of equipment. Fiber separator screens, optical sorters, ballistic air separators, shredders, and other fiber sort recycling equipment quickly and efficiently separates the mixed materials in preparation for transport to high paying material markets.

Green Machine’s® goal with their fiber sorting recycling equipment and other recycling equipment is to remove barriers to recycling. If the burden of separating recyclables is placed on individual consumers, they may find the process of recycling too difficult. They might also simply fail to separate materials. Either way, recycling companies either have to pre-sort all the materials or check the sorted materials to make certain nothing is in the wrong group. This takes time, money, and space. Using fiber sort recycling equipment removes this barrier—consumers can throw all recyclables in the same bin, and companies do not have to set aside space for sorting or pay employees to separate materials. The Green Machine® fiber sorting system is a win-win for everyone involved.