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Scrap Metal Recycling System runs at extremely high rates of production. Equipment capable of loading a container in 10 minutes

Scrap Metal Recycling

Recycling scrap metal requires a system that can run at extremely high speeds and handle a very high volume of material at once. Most scrap metal recycling equipment has to be capable of fully loading a container within ten minutes. Green Machine® has created a metal scrap recycling system that not only easily meets this requirement but is also very cost effective, safe, and durable.

We have both ferrous and non-ferrous waste scrap metal machines for your recycling use. These metal scrap recycling systems use conveyor belts, automotive conveyors, tumble back feeders, radial stackers, and auto shredders arranged in feeds to separate the different types of metal and scrap prior to the recycling process.

This is not only a faster and more cost effective way than having the materials hand-separated, it’s also safer because it almost completely eliminates cuts and injuries that can occur when employees handle the scraps.

Scrap recycling equipment with metal chip and clip conveyors, baler feeders, and optical sorters can surgically remove high value metals and other items from residue and low value scrap metal. This patent pending scrap metal and recycling system is so effective because it can identify molecules in various materials, making it possible for users to select either positive or negative collection. Once selected, the system is capable of extremely high rates of production.

Once separation is complete, our high speed horizontal scrap metal recycle loaders will quickly pack the scrap into shipping containers for transport. These systems make use of trailer trainers, shaker feeder systems, and automatic contained indexing to maximize throughput. Each container can be loaded in less than ten minutes.

Customers who are interested in learning more about the Green Machine® metal scrap recycling system are invited to our testing facility to view separation rates themselves. These tests and the final equipment can be tailored to your specific needs.