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Single Stream Recycling Systems

What is Single Stream Recycling?

Single Stream Recycling is a system designed to collect, transfer, and process recyclables together making it unnecessary to separate paper, plastics, cardboard, metals, glass etc… into different bins. This incentivizes consumers to recycle more, leads to lower collection and processing costs for haulers, and prevents re-usable materials from being landfilled.

The fully commingled recyclables make their way to a material recovery facility which houses a single stream recycling system. The system is composed of a variety of machinery each designed to separate specific recyclables from the total stream. Technologies utilized in these systems continuously evolve and currently include conveyors, disc screens, magnetics, pneumatics, optics, and robotics among many others. Once the desired recyclables are removed from the stream they are prepared to be sold to high-paying secondary commodity markets.

Green Machine’s Single Stream Recycling Systems

Single Stream Recycling Equipment

We at Green Machine build our own single stream recycling equipment and utilize years of experience in the field to manufacture machinery that produce the industry’s cleanest end-product.

We have the flexibility to build custom equipment making it possible to keep up with the latest technological trends and provide customers with the ideal solution.

Fully Integrated Turn-Key Single Stream Recycling Systems

We are proud to be the only company in America to offer turn-key single stream recycling systems completely designed, manufactured, and installed in-house. This unrivaled level of experience and expertise guarantees that your single stream recycling system is built the right way, on-time, and provides the highest returns on investment.

  • Manual Single Stream Sort Systems
  • 6-8 TPH
  • 8-10 TPH
  • 10-12 TPH
  • 12-15 TPH
  • 15-20 TPH
  • 20-35 TPH
  • 35+ TPH
  • Phased Recycling Systems

Existing Green Machine Single Stream Recycling Systems

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