Introducing Travis Robinson, Field Technician

Introducing Travis Robinson, Field Technician

Green Machine Sales, LLC. is pleased to announce that we have hired Travis Robinson in the role of Field Technician.  His industry background includes, the operation of County Waste’s 30 TPH recycling plant in Chester, VA, and worked for Coastal Wire in a dual role consisting of field tech support and sales.  Travis’ knowledge and experience with Green Machine’s processing techniques, machinery maintenance, and servicing Green Eye® Optical Sorters, uniquely positions him to lead our product support team.

What Customers Can Expect 

You can expect annual visits from Travis, during which he will offer technical assistance with material processing techniques, share maintenance advice to enhance your plant’s efficiency, and work with our team of experts to troubleshoot any problems.

Looking Ahead 

Green Machine is committed to improving our customer relationships and jobsite presence.  The addition of Travis bridges communication with customers, opens availability for service requests, and ensures your system’s continued success.

Welcome to the Green Machine team Travis! 

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Plant Fire Drives North Davidson to Call on Green Machine to Rebuild

Plant Fire Drives North Davidson to Call on Green Machine to Rebuild

Plant Fire Drives North Davidson Call on Green Machine to Rebuild
On Friday, August 31st, 2018 North Davidson Garbage Service and Recycling Center’s 20 TPH single stream recycling system, originally built by Green Machine Sales, LLC., was consumed by flames caused by an undetermined combustion, resulting in the material on the tip floor to ignite. The owners of NDGS wrestled with the decision to rebuild their facility.

“With commodity markets in the tank and wage increases, we really considered calling it a day,” said Brad Everhart, co-owner of NDGS. “Having built our previous plant in 2010, we were confident that advancements in Green Machine’s single stream system designs, coupled with our tight operation, would ensure profitability despite unfavorable market conditions. With Green Machine’s experience building fully-integrated recycling systems and attention to our needs, there was no doubt we wanted to work with them again.”

“When something devastating like this happens to one of our customers, we are quick to respond with an action plan to get them back on their feet,” said John Green, president of Green Machine Sales, LLC. “We were able to deliver a turnkey system within 6 months of North Davidson’s incident, minimizing their lost time.”

Green Machine salvaged some of their preexisting components, added automation, making it possible for NDGS to efficiently process 20 TPH of mixed residential single stream material.

“The upgrades to our system allow us to process mixed recyclables faster and cleaner than before,” explains Brad. “Green Machine has made it obvious that they genuinely care about our success, no matter what obstacles we face.”

Plant Fire Drives North DavidsonCall on Green Machine to Rebuild Plant Fire Drives North Davidson to Call on Green Machine to Rebuild Plant Fire Drives North Davidson to Call on Green Machine to Rebuild

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Integrated Dual & Single Stream Processing System

New Jersey – Recycling market conditions have prompted some municipalities and haulers to convert to dual stream material collection (fibers separated from containers collected at the curb). One Central Jersey Green Machine customer requested that we design an upgrade to their 2015 vintage 25 TPH Green Machine Single Stream Recycling System to process an additional 13 TPH of dual stream materials.

Green Machine engineers designed a second container processing line, adding one high capacity Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical PET plastics sorter with the understanding that the existing PET, natural and colored HDPE sorters would handle the additional tonnage, while dual stream fibers are mixed in with the existing single stream tonnages without any decrease in system throughput. No upgrades were required of the existing single stream line to process the additional mixed fiber tonnage, due to the flexibility and efficiency of the existing Green Machine equipment.

The new container sort system added in parallel to the existing system included a metering bin, a bulky material pre-sort mezzanine system, a large Green Screens® Polishing Screen, a glass breaker, and an 84” Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical PET sorter. With the early removal of all fibers, glass contamination, and 98% of PET, the (3) 4-year-old existing Green Eye® Optical Sorters keep up nicely with the added container tonnages.

An additional Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical #3-#7’s Mixed Plastics Sorter was added to the end of the existing container array to automatically remove all remaining waste plastics. This Central Jersey Green Machine customer increased their system throughput by more than 13 TPH and drastically reduced their material out-throws to well under 3% off the end of their line. For more details, contact a GMS systems engineer today!

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Rural Single-Stream Processing Goes Big Time

Left: Alan Albee, President Right: Brian Albee, General Manager of Operations

Left: Alan Albee, President
Right: Brian Albee, General Manager of Operations

Eagle River, Wis., not only touts having the World Snowmobile Hall of Fame, they now can lay claim to one of the region’s largest single-stream/commercial recycling processing systems. Alan Albee, owner of Eagle River Waste & Recycling Inc., is the visionary who believed that this rural region could support a 24 tons per hour combination single-stream/commercial waste recycling system. “We believed strongly that Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula residents wanted an opportunity to take part in the country’s recycling efforts,” Albee says. “We have had a tremendously positive response from our region’s residents and have already secured significant tonnage to satisfy our recycling plant’s large appetite.”

Omar Mohamad, Green Machine Sales LLC installation crew chief, says Eagle River is one of the most beautiful areas his installation crew has had the pleasure to work in. He adds, “We know our efforts in building this plant will help preserve the pristine natural beauty of the area.”

John Green, president of Green Machine Sales LLC, says he is very glad to have been selected to build this plant for Eagle Waste & Recycling. “We agree with Alan’s vision that there is a real market for cost-effective, low to medium throughput single-stream recycling systems. We hope that other recyclers will visit Eagle Waste & Recycling to see what Alan and his brother Brian have built and recognize that this is a viable business model, compatible with the needs of many other rural areas of the country.”

Alan Albee comments further, “Green Machines engineers maximized the use of our existing building providing us with a very robust system, which exhibits great multi material handling benefits. We feel that we are now in a position to compete for materials in more populous areas and offer the area an affordable answer to the regions processing needs.”

Rural Single-Stream Processing

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Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service

Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service

Pictured left, Jared Taylor, Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service’s owner and right, Bob Taylor owner of Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service.

Pictured left, Jared Taylor, Southern Tier Recycling/TaylorbGarbage Service’s owner and right, Bob Taylor owner of Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service.

Southern Tier Recycling/Taylor Garbage Service located in the upstate New York community of Owego, commissioned its GREEN MACHINE single-stream/commercial dry waste recycling system in September of 2012. Owners Bob Taylor and son Jared had operated a dual-stream recycling plant in Tioga County for years.

“We were skeptical moving to single-stream,” says Bob Taylor. “We had heard all the problems other single-stream plants were having making clean end product. Our Green Machine system, however, produces as clean a product as our former dual stream system.”

Adds Jared Taylor, “I was surprised at how much material our system can push through. We are definitely going to be looking for additional material to feed this system so it can meet its potential.”

John Green, President of Green Machine, comments, “It was a pleasure working with the Taylors again. In 1991 we built their first recycling plant in Broome County, N.Y. Our fabrication plant is only minutes from Bob and Jared’s new recycling plant. This latest 24 tons per hour system design, which showcases our newly designed OCC separation screen, Fiber Screens and Green Eye Optical Sorter, will offer future customers an opportunity to visit both locations in one trip.”

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Green Machine Enables Minnesota County to Go Single Stream

Green Machine Enables Minnesota County to Go Single Stream

McLeod County Solid Waste and Recycling is a municipally operated facility in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Sarah Young, solid waste coordinator, said the county determined there was a public and private need to convert the county’s existing dual-stream recycling program to single stream. The county contracted with the consulting engineering firm Burns and McDonnell, Bloomington, Minnesota, to complete the design-build for the project and find a vendor that could best convert the county’s existing dual-stream system to single stream within its budget.

Robert Craggs (pictured below at right), solid waste and resource recovery manager at Burns and McDonnell, says, “The engineers at Green Machine devised a unique system design that incorporated all of the existing dual-stream equipment within their single-stream system upgrade. Their design efficiencies greatly enhanced their system cost and met the counties available budget.”

Donnie Hopp (pictured below at left), McLeod County material recovery facility (MRF) manager, says he is pleased with the single-stream system’s performance.

He says the volume of material the MRF is processing has increased by 20 percent since the county converted to single-stream recycling in the spring of 2015, adding that residents have responded well to the change and are keeping contamination at a minimum.

Hopp notified buyers of the MRF’s sorted recyclables that the county was switching to a single-stream system because he “didn’t want them to be surprised,” he says. “They haven’t even noticed that we have moved to single stream.” The county receives premium pricing for its baled recyclables, Hopp adds.

The MRF continued operating throughout the installation of the new single-stream system from Green Machine because the county didn’t want to lose revenue and had no place to stockpile collected recyclables, Hopp says. “The installation was not easy and straightforward,” he adds.
Despite the challenges associated with this situation, Hopp says, “We were operating at promised production rates within one week of commissioning on schedule. The Green Machine system started up with very few hiccups.”

He adds, “We are now accepting both municipal and private hauler collected single-stream and industrial and commercial waste.”

John Green, president of Green Machine, says, “I feel that one of our strengths is our willingness to integrate existing site conditions and equipment into a simplistic system design. Cost savings realized through use of existing equipment enabled the deployment of new a metering bin feeder system, Z-Pan infeed system, presort, two-deck OCC screen with postsort, glass breaker, eddy current and single-sided container sort with automation of existing bunker systems.”

Hopp was impressed that Green, as the president of the company, took the time to visit the facility. “He was great to work with,” he says.

Regarding Green Machine and Burns and McDonnell, Hopp says, “I would definitely work with them again.”

Green Machine Enables Minnesota County to Go Single Stream

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35-TPH single-stream system at County Waste and Recycling

35-TPH single-stream system at County Waste and Recycling.

Turning Heads

Green Machine gains attention for its newly installed 35-TPH single-stream system at County Waste and Recycling.


John Green of Green Machine and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings

Pictured from left: Jerry Cifor of County Waste and Recycling, John Green of Green Machine
and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings

N.H. and N.Y.-based Green Machine Sales LLC’s recently completed single-stream recycling plant for County Waste in Albany, N.Y., is turning heads with end markets and processors alike.

Jerry Cifor, CFO of County Waste, says, “We visited quite a few MRFs (material recovery facilities) and talked to mills taking single-stream material and found out what their issues were. Glass contamination was the No. 1 complaint. When we started designing, we wanted to get glass out on front end.”

Cifor continues, “Green Machine’s system has done a great job. Mills say the material is the best they have ever gotten from a single-stream MRF—better than a lot of dual-stream MRFs.”

As of the company’s fourth full month of operation, Cifor says the Green Machine system “is working out better than we have anticipated.” The MRF is running 450-plus tons per day, six days per week. “We average 35 tons per hour (TPH) but have reached 50 TPH when necessary,” he says. “It’s comforting to know that we have excess capacity.”

Cifor concludes, “We looked at seven facilities and four different manufacturers and chose Green Machine. Their system far exceeded their throughput guaranty and we give them an A+ on after sale support.”

John Green, president of Green Machine, says County Waste’s MRF is the largest single-stream system it has built to date and showcases many of its latest product innovations. “All plastics are processed automatically by our patent-pending Green Eye® optical sorters at never-before-achieved pick rates and cleanliness.”

Green says wrap-resistant patent-pending Green Screens® are capable of producing very clean products at extremely high tonnage rates. “Additional innovations include patent-pending Green Screen Glass Breakers, OCC sorters, Metering Bins and Light Fraction Air-Knives.”

Green Machine uses only American-made components in the construction of its equipment, which it says adds to system durability and low maintenance costs. Green says, “With our recent manufacturing plant expansion and human investments, we are prepared to claim our market share.”

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Increased diversion, increased efficiency

Green Machine Mixed-Materials MRF

Winters Bros. mixed-materials MRF includes newly installed Green Eye optical sorting technology and an MSW separation screen which will provide significantly enhanced recovery of valuable materials.

Latest green Machine Mixed-Materials MRF online on long island


Green Machine, the New Hampshire-based manufacturer of recycling and solid waste processing equipment and systems, recently completed a mixed-materials MRF upgrade for Winters Bros. Waste Systems based out of West Babylon, (Long Island) New York at one of the company’s transfer and recycling centres.

The processing equipment at the facility was originally built by Green Machine in 2003, for Winters Bros.. The latest upgrades include a new Green Eye hyperspectral optical sorting system, MSW sizing screen and magnetic separation technology.

Winters Bros. mixed-materials MRF includes newly installed Green Eye optical sorting technology and an MSW separation screen which will provide significantly enhanced recovery of valuable materials.

Inside the upgraded Winters Bros. mixed-materials MRF on Long Island, New York.

“Our latest mixed materials MRF upgrade for Winters Bros., is designed to handle both mixed residential post-recycled MSW and mixed dry commercial waste,” explains John Green, president of Green Machine. ” The commercial dry waste they are handling includes industrial loads that consist of 50-percent corrugated content, with the balance being trash and other recyclables.”

“With the post-recycled MSW they receive, the material has already been collected and processed through a dualor single-stream program. Winters Bros. is able to further liberate valuable materials from this waste stream prior to shipping materials off the island for disposal.

“For mixed MSW, Winters Bros. is now able to process between 35 and 50 tons per hour, “continues Green. “With dry commercial waste, it is more along the lines of 20 tons per hour.”

Winter Bros. operates 13 transfer stations, 8 recycling centres and multiple collection operations, across Long Island, New York and in Connecticut.

“On Long Island, there are no landfills for MSW,” says Bill Brennan, VP of transfer and recycling operations for Winters Bros.. “Almost all of the commercial waste that is generated on Long Island is shipped off the island to landfills in upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.”

“We have always been committed to enhanced recovery of recyclables from the waste stream, for the betterment of the environment and to decrease the amount of MSW volume that needs to be transported off the island to costly landfills,” he says.

“The newly installed Green Machine system allows us to more efficiently handle both bulky dry waste and MSW.”

Green Machine’s patented Green Eye optical sorter is a key technology on this upgrade. The Green Eye uses artificially intelligent hyperspectral technology to automatically identify and sort a wide range of materials, offering very clean output and efficient recovery of valuables, reducing labour costs while increasing throughput.

“Our Green Eye gathers information based on an object’s molecular structure,” says Green. “This technology is like no other sorter, and is solving a multitude of industry material processing challenges with efficiencies exceeding 94 percent, at ever-increasing sort speeds.”

With the new MSW separation screen, additional magnetic separation and the addition of the Green Eye optical sorter, the amount of recyclables that Winters Bros. will recover from their residential MSW stream has increased dramatically. As a result, Winters Bros. is also sending less waste to landfills.

Inside the upgraded Winters Bros. mixed-materials MRF on Long Island, New York.
“We are the biggest and best recycler on Long Island,” says Brennan. “We are always looking to enhance the effectiveness of our facilities. The new technology from Green Machine makes it possible to recover even greater amounts of recyclables from the waste stream, resulting in higher rates of recycling and less trash to ship to distant landfills. With these system upgrades, we are confident that we will remain the number one recycler on Long Island, as we work to preserve and protect our environment in a cost-effective and environmentally sound manner.”

John Green adds that their company’s theory of mixed waste separation is one in which “ideally, there is limited capital expenditure on the equipment, high throughput, lower maintenance and decreased labour required.”

“In mixed materials MRF applications, operators should be looking to collect the ‘low-hanging’,
high-value recyclables, with limited labour,” he says.

“With a system like Winters Bros.’, running 50 tons an hour, the number of sorters required would be about 10. With additional optical sorting, we could remove even more sorters and further increase throughput.” RPN

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LFF Recycling Inc. located near Washington D.C.

LFF Recycling Inc.

LFF Recycling Inc

From left, Fabian Larco and Louise Larco owners of LFF
Recycling Inc

“I was immediately impressed…”

LFF Recycling Inc. located near Washington D.C. has installed a GREEN MACHINE Single Stream Recycling System.

Fabian Larco is the owner of both LFF Recycling and Con-Serve Industries a Sterling VA. based Independent hauling Company. Mr. Larco recently launched processing plant accepts C&D Waste, Single Stream and Dry Waste recyclable materials all within a 48,000 square foot building.

Mr. Larco Says “We chose to work with Green Machine for two reasons, they provided the smartest system layout that fit our limited space dual use facility and they did it well within our budget”.

Jim Langemier LFF’s operations manager has operated multiple Single Stream plants and has been pleased with the performance of his GREEN MACHINE. “I was immediately impressed with the lack of material wrapping on our GREEN SCREENS®, this was a real nuisance with my prior systems.
We now go days rather than hours before we need to clean the GREEN SCREENS® “.

LFF’s new Single Stream System can process up to 500 tons of residential single stream per day. Mr. Larco says “We built this plant to handle our own recycling collection routes with plenty of additional capacity to accommodate outside materials. We hope to fill a local need for a conveniently located Independent Recycling Plant within the Washington D.C. area”.

C&D Waste, Single Stream and Dry Waste recyclable

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Green Stream Recycling is changing the way Long Island recycles.

Green Stream Recycling is changing the way Long Island recycles.


Pictured from left: Kenny Bloom, Facility Manager; Will Flower, President of Green Stream.

Pictured from left: Kenny Bloom, Facility Manager; Will Flower, President of Green Stream.

Green Stream Recycling is changing the way Long Island recycles. In 2014, the Brookhaven, New York-based company partnered with Green Machine to construct the most advanced recycling system on Long Island.

Green Stream selected Green Machine, based in Hampstead, New Hampshire, to design, build and install a new recycling system that serves as the cornerstone for improving recycling on Long Island.

“Our goal was to increase recycling rates on Long Island,” says Will Flower, president of Green Stream Recycling. “We needed to develop the recycling infrastructure on Long Island and we found a great partner with Green Machine. The team at Green Machine was easy to work with—they listened to us and helped us develop a cost-effective and environmentally sound solution which met our needs.”

The recycling system replaced an older system that was installed in the Brookhaven Material Recovery Facility in 1991. The new Green Machine equipment facility quadrupled the recycling plant’s capacity as well as quadrupled the processing capabilities of the plant.

“Green Machine designed and installed the system under a very tight and demanding schedule,” says Kenny Bloom, facility manager for Green Stream. “In just over three months we were able
to start up operations and today we are processing large volumes of material. More importantly, we are producing high-quality recyclables that our buyers and mills want.”

Flower adds, “Green Machine has helped lead the recycling revolution on Long Island. We really needed to move fast and Green Machine was with us every step of the way.”

Green Stream Recycling

With the Green Machine system in place, Long Island has unparalleled processing capabilities in the region while producing high-quality products for manufacturers. And the results are impressive, Green Stream says. Since the start of the new recycling program in Brookhaven, recycling rates have increased by 24.6 percent. Financially, the Town of Brookhaven reported that it has saved more than $250,000 in avoiding disposal costs in just a few months.

The bottom line is that single stream makes recycling easier for residents to recycle and the Green Machine makes it easier for us to process the recyclables that are placed at the curb each week, the company says.

“We have been continually impressed with Green Machine especially the ‘after installation’ support,” Flower says. “Green Machine built a great system but then helped us through start-up and was with us every step of the way. Any operational issues were quickly addressed and corrected as we worked our way through start-up and into full operation.”

Green Stream Recycling is changing the way Long Island recycles.Green Stream Recycling is changing the way Long Island recycles.Green Stream Recycling is changing the way Long Island recycles.

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