35-TPH single-stream system at County Waste and Recycling.

Turning Heads

Green Machine gains attention for its newly installed 35-TPH single-stream system at County Waste and Recycling.


John Green of Green Machine and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings

Pictured from left: Jerry Cifor of County Waste and Recycling, John Green of Green Machine
and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings

N.H. and N.Y.-based Green Machine Sales LLC’s recently completed single-stream recycling plant for County Waste in Albany, N.Y., is turning heads with end markets and processors alike.

Jerry Cifor, CFO of County Waste, says, “We visited quite a few MRFs (material recovery facilities) and talked to mills taking single-stream material and found out what their issues were. Glass contamination was the No. 1 complaint. When we started designing, we wanted to get glass out on front end.”

Cifor continues, “Green Machine’s system has done a great job. Mills say the material is the best they have ever gotten from a single-stream MRF—better than a lot of dual-stream MRFs.”

As of the company’s fourth full month of operation, Cifor says the Green Machine system “is working out better than we have anticipated.” The MRF is running 450-plus tons per day, six days per week. “We average 35 tons per hour (TPH) but have reached 50 TPH when necessary,” he says. “It’s comforting to know that we have excess capacity.”

Cifor concludes, “We looked at seven facilities and four different manufacturers and chose Green Machine. Their system far exceeded their throughput guaranty and we give them an A+ on after sale support.”

John Green, president of Green Machine, says County Waste’s MRF is the largest single-stream system it has built to date and showcases many of its latest product innovations. “All plastics are processed automatically by our patent-pending Green Eye® optical sorters at never-before-achieved pick rates and cleanliness.”

Green says wrap-resistant patent-pending Green Screens® are capable of producing very clean products at extremely high tonnage rates. “Additional innovations include patent-pending Green Screen Glass Breakers, OCC sorters, Metering Bins and Light Fraction Air-Knives.”

Green Machine uses only American-made components in the construction of its equipment, which it says adds to system durability and low maintenance costs. Green says, “With our recent manufacturing plant expansion and human investments, we are prepared to claim our market share.”