South Jersey’s Largest Commercial Recycling Plant

South Jersey’s Largest Commercial Recycling Plant Open for Business

Barrington, NJ – (RMR) Recycling Management Resources announces the commissioning of their GREEN MACHINE® commercial single stream recycling system. Owner, Reese Whitley, is ecstatic with the system’s tremendous throughput and clean sort. “We’re at full capacity right out of the gate processing our current tons and aggressively looking for more”

John Green, president of GREEN MACHINE®, says “This was a collaborative design effort which resulted in a system that efficiently processes multiple grades of commercial and industrial waste”.


GREEN MACHINE® is proud to offer only American made recycling products completely designed, manufactured, and installed in-house. Our 35 years of experience lend our customers affordable state-of-the-art technologies including our patented GREEN EYE®  hyperspectral optical sorters and recently released robotic sorters, which are only a couple of the many innovations we provide for less.


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Green Stream Recycling

Green Stream Recycling

Green Stream Recycling

There is an emerging pattern in the recycling sector pertaining to the adaptation of single-stream recycling programs. Single stream recycling program have become significantly more popular in many cities and districts as a straightforward method to accumulate recyclables. It is ending up being much more viable and also very well-known as contemporary recycling initiatives evolve as well as pertain to form the disposal, collection as well as reprocessing of materials. This change is tailored towards the replacement of standard multiple-stream programs so to make best use of outcomes within various environments.

The recycling procedure is in fact pretty lengthy and difficult! It entails a lot of sorting, cleansing, as well as melting before it can be reused. Most recycling centers use what is referred to as a single stream recycling system. That is, all recyclable products including plastic, steel, glass, paper are collected all at once. These different sorts of recyclable items have to initially be sorted.

Single-stream describes a recycling system where all reusable materials are transferred into one uniform container. The recyclables are then gathered by a waste hauler, equipped with trucks featuring automatic mechanisms for collecting materials right into one compartment. Post-collection the hauler moves the items to a material recovery factory for sorting as well as reuse preparation. The recyclables are then reprocess by manufacturers right into new commodities, such as, napkins, papers and office supplies.

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Plastic furniture manufacturer is now a full circle recycler.

Plastic Optical Sorting System Casual Living 10TPH Baled

Pictured from left, Tim Dohner; Jim and son Jerry

Pictured from left, Tim Dohner; Jim and son Jerry

Casual Living Unlimited’s newly commissioned baled plastics processing plant began accepting mixed bales this January. James Allgyer, owner of Casual Living, needed a cheaper, more reliable source of clean feed stock for his highqualityplasticwood furniture company.

Mr. Allgyer says, “My furniture company depends on high-quality resins to produce the exotic color schemes that separate us from the competition. Green Machine designed and manufactured a system that delivered us the clean product we needed to feed our grinders, wash tanks and ourplastic extruders.”

John Green, President of Green Machine, says, “It was a pleasure working with Jim and his two sons, Justin (furniture plant manager) and Jerry (recycling production supervisor). We all worked closely in determining a final design that would be capable of automatically processing highly contaminated bales of plastics.”

The Green Machine system design begins with an infeed system with a bale
breaker. Mixed plastic bales with fiber, fines and residue contamination are then fed to our rubber disc inclined polishing screen, where the agitation provided by our high speed rotating discs helps to declump bale fragments, while the waste fiber climbs to the top and declumped plastics with fines fall off the bottom. A 2” minus fines screen then removes all small particulates, and a cross belt magnetic separator collects metals. Three patent-pending GREEN EYE® optical sorting systems remove PET plastic, natural HDPE and finally colored HDPE. Each commodity
is blown to huge holding bunkers with live floor conveyors that automatically feed downstream processing equipment.

Mr. Allgyer says, “Our Green Eyes sort cleaner than any other system I visited. We are able to sort with little or no manual postsorting. We are ready to accept mixed plastics bales with plenty of contaminants and sort that material by grade at a rate of 10 tons per hour and produce the cleanest end product. We are now looking to buy mixed bales of plastics from recyclers all over the East Coast and use that material to produce our high-quality furniture products. Our company is truly a full-circle recycler now.”

Designers, Manufacturers and Dealers of Waste Processing Products & Services

Plastics Processing Plant

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Green Machines new Ballistic Separator

Green Machines new Ballistic Separator

Green Machines new Ballistic Separator is a low cost solution for the removal of light and heavy fibers prior to container sorts. This system has now been deployed successfully at two locations with surprising positive results. Our design principle utilizes a combination air column’s and belt technologies in combination diverting heavy 3D material and light fiber fraction from the container stream. This relatively simple compact and affordable system can be retrofitted within most existing Green Machine sort lines.

Brokers agree that Green Machine SSR owners are known for producing some of the best fiber streams. Ever more stringent #8 news criteria have required operators to adjust their systems to deliver cleaner and cleaner fiber streams often at the expense of added contamination to their container line. Green Machine’s R&D development team has been busy designing this low cost fiber removal solution. Our system performance has surpassed our engineers and customers expectations removing both light fractional fiber with large percentages of bulky heavy fibers like magazines, phone books and small OCC.

Watch our web site for video documentation of our early successes. Enhancements including dust removal capabilities and additional adjust ability are already in design and ready for deployment. We recommend that any of you who are experiencing increasingly contaminated container streams to contact our sales engineers for design assistance to determine if deployment of this newly available system enhancement is a good fit for your needs.

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