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Green Machine Coronavirus Action Plan

Green Machine’s Coronavirus Action Plan


As some of you may have heard, Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State has issued all non-essential businesses to close or send employees home beginning Sunday, March 22nd. The waste removal and recycling industry is considered an essential business, meaning Green Machine will be able to keep its doors open and continue to serve its current and new customers.

We assure you that our employees are doing everything they can to stay healthy, and we urge them to remain at home while they’re not at work during this time to keep our employees and customers safe.

As a reminder, we have stocked parts and components available at each of our locations in New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, and California. We are proud of our decision to purchase only American made parts and components, not only because we’re supporting our economy, but it ensures that our customers are able to count on receiving parts when they need them.

Looking Ahead
Green Machine is committed to staying up-to-date on the coronavirus and how this could affect our customers and their day-to-day operations moving forward. We will update you as we know more, and we hope everyone stays healthy.

Best Regards, 
Your Green Machine Team 


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New Green Eye® Optical Sorter

Winters Brothers’ New Green Eye® Optical Sorter Does it All

Brookhaven, NY, home to one of Long Island’s first dual-stream recycling systems, recently invested in upgrades to their existing container processing line under the new ownership of Winters Brothers Waste Systems. Jeff Nella, Winters Bros. GM, commended Green Machine and Winters Bros. tenured employee, Billy Brennan, for executing what he called a “swiss army knife” approach to recycling systems integration.

The Brookhaven system currently processes 30 TPH of commercial and residential single-stream materials. The new container sort line, built on the back-end of the system, processes 10 TPH of unpicked recyclables remaining after front-end fiber sorting.

Pick Containers & Fibers With a Single Optical Sorter
Revolutionary to the recycling industry, is the deployment of a patented Green Eye® Optical Sorter that, with a push of a button, has the ability to pick containers or fibers, and direct each to the appropriate location on the system. Winters Bros. finds it extremely valuable to process their 10 TPH of containers, and then have the ability to enhance fiber-rich material streams missed by the front-end system. Additionally, another Green Eye® Optical Sorter was deployed in sequence to pick remaining OCC and integrate it with the cardboard sorted on the front-end. Future plans include deploying Green Eye® Robotic Sorters to pick remaining valuable plastics.

Ready For Any Material Stream
Jimmy Winters, Owner of Winters Brothers Waste Systems, says, “Communities in our area are collecting their recyclables mixed (single-stream), separated (dual-stream) with or without glass, along with commercial streams of all types. We feel confident that our new processing system is ready for virtually any material stream dropped on our tip floor.”

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