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Recyclables are no different than any other commodity whether it be corn, oil, minerals or metals. Price fluctuations and down markets are something every industry deals with time to time. Below we provided a recyclable material value history. The business model of a Recycling Facility in the future is going to have to be built around the abundance model, where your returns are not going to be made by commodity price increases but through earning stronger margins on your activities and by being properly positioned when the market stabilizes and growth returns.

Of the Green Machine SSR Facilities built, every one of them is currently in operation

Statistics prove owning a Green Machine is an advantage with most Green Machine processing plants increasing their market share. Many of us are still worried about tomorrow and next month and next quarter and rightfully so, but too some are not seeing the forest for the trees, which is what the solution to surviving the low commodity prices, but if that were our only challenge. Increased labor costs coupled with higher market cleanliness standards generating a business climate many find impossible to compete in. Green Machine customers are weathering this storm with those weathering best attacking each challenge head on increasing their systems throughput volumes, upgrading and modifying their equipment improving cleanliness and clean sort rates. Most start by calling on Green Machine Process Engineers to visit their plant to perform a full system assessment starting with system tuning resulting in identifying their systems best clean throughput TPH baseline followed by an complete system analysis with emphasis first on identifying all low hanging fruit items such as screen disc spacing, system process adjustments, staffing recommendations and maintenance criteria. Next upgrade modifications are engineered offering ROI guarantees. In today’s market if your plant isn’t operating at minimum one ton processed per employed sorter you’re in danger. Many Green machine plants are reaching a 2 tons SSR material processing per man ratio.

These are challenging times but some perspective of the long term commodity price fluctuations we have experienced through the not so distant past and with the current predictions that prices should hold or inch upward.  Those of us left standing will be in position to set the new processing base lines with less competition. There is no sign public sentiment turning away from recycling diversion so expect material to continue to flow.  Just know that Green Machine is prepared to share all the tribal knowledge gathered from its large family of processing customers and our ever evolving product lines designed to lower your processing costs. Contact our parts and service department to make a system survey appointment.

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