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Green Machine® proven technology is key to your Plastic’s Reuse/Recycling operation

Green Machine® proven technology is key to your Plastic’s Reuse/Recycling operation

Processing recycled plastics can be a lucrative endeavor. Ensuring you can process extremely clean and efficiently sorted plastic material is necessary to ensure recycled plastic streams maintain the highest value for resale as compared to new plastic. PRF’s process recovered scrap or waste plastic and reprocess the material into useful products, often in completely different in form from their original state. Whether you’re mining PET, HDPE or other plastics for your process, the sort can be accomplished using Green Machine Sorting Technology enhanced by Green Machine’s Green Eye Optical Sorters.  Better equipment equals greater profitability for your company.

The process of plastic recycling includes melting down used plastics and uses the material for casting products such as plastic chairs and tables. These recyclables are then re-introduced into the main production operation. This closed-loop operation has taken place since the 1970s and has made the production of some plastic products among st the most efficient operations today.

Compared with lucrative recycling of materials, such as glass and metal, plastic polymers recycling is often more challenging because of low density and low value for particular materials. There are also numerous technical hurdles to overcome when recycling plastic.

For example, when different types of plastics are melted together, they tend to phase separate like oil and water, and set in these layers. This causes structural weakness in the resulting material limiting the application of the polymer blend.

Another barrier to re-use is the widespread use of dye, filler and other additives in plastics. The polymer is generally too viscous to economically remove fillers, and would be damaged by many of the processes that could cheaply remove the added dyes. Additives are less widely used in beverage containers and plastic bags allowing them to be recycled more often. Yet another barrier to removing large quantities of plastic from the waste stream and landfills is the fact that many common but small plastic items lack the universal triangle recycling symbol and accompanying number. Sorting by hand can be difficult or impossible.

This explains why proper sorting using Green Machine® proven technology is key to your Plastic’s Reuse/Recycling operation. Separate what you need for your operation, whether it be polymer, polymer additives, or color or we can efficiently and effectively sort based on your process requirements.


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Green Machine - long term commodity price fluctuations we have experienced

Lean and Mean with “Green Machine”

State of Affairs

Recyclables are no different than any other commodity whether it be corn, oil, minerals or metals. Price fluctuations and down markets are something every industry deals with time to time. Below we provided a recyclable material value history. The business model of a Recycling Facility in the future is going to have to be built around the abundance model, where your returns are not going to be made by commodity price increases but through earning stronger margins on your activities and by being properly positioned when the market stabilizes and growth returns.

Of the Green Machine SSR Facilities built, every one of them is currently in operation

Statistics prove owning a Green Machine is an advantage with most Green Machine processing plants increasing their market share. Many of us are still worried about tomorrow and next month and next quarter and rightfully so, but too some are not seeing the forest for the trees, which is what the solution to surviving the low commodity prices, but if that were our only challenge. Increased labor costs coupled with higher market cleanliness standards generating a business climate many find impossible to compete in. Green Machine customers are weathering this storm with those weathering best attacking each challenge head on increasing their systems throughput volumes, upgrading and modifying their equipment improving cleanliness and clean sort rates. Most start by calling on Green Machine Process Engineers to visit their plant to perform a full system assessment starting with system tuning resulting in identifying their systems best clean throughput TPH baseline followed by an complete system analysis with emphasis first on identifying all low hanging fruit items such as screen disc spacing, system process adjustments, staffing recommendations and maintenance criteria. Next upgrade modifications are engineered offering ROI guarantees. In today’s market if your plant isn’t operating at minimum one ton processed per employed sorter you’re in danger. Many Green machine plants are reaching a 2 tons SSR material processing per man ratio.

These are challenging times but some perspective of the long term commodity price fluctuations we have experienced through the not so distant past and with the current predictions that prices should hold or inch upward.  Those of us left standing will be in position to set the new processing base lines with less competition. There is no sign public sentiment turning away from recycling diversion so expect material to continue to flow.  Just know that Green Machine is prepared to share all the tribal knowledge gathered from its large family of processing customers and our ever evolving product lines designed to lower your processing costs. Contact our parts and service department to make a system survey appointment.

Ssr Facilities

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recycling systems build by green machine

Green Machine

Green Machine® (Hampstead, NH) manufactures innovative recycling and solid waste processing equipment and systems for a variety of applications across all industries. All of their product lines, equipment, and components are manufactured completely in the United States. These products provide customers with cost effective solutions that can be tailored to meet any need or budget. System components such as Green Eye optical sorters, Green Screens® separation systems, Green conveyors, and the UL Listed 508-A panel building shop are just a few of the reasons why Green Machine® stands out from others in the recycling industry. The company has a team of experts who have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to design and manufacture all of the components of each and every product in-house, employing a no-nonsense approach that gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Their work has resulted in a number of patent pending component designs that cannot be found anywhere else.

Green Machine began development of its Patented Hyperspectral optical sorting technology in 2006. At that time the technology was so revolutionary Green Machine had to obtain permission from the US Dept. of Defense, often sharing hyperspectral cameras with the Air Force’s F-16s. The first Green Eye® system deployment was in 2007 with more than 50 systems now deployed. Obtaining its Canadian Patent on February 7, 2013, Green Machine’s U.S. patent was issued on the first day of this year’s Waste Expo: April 24, 2018. Green Machine’s original filing date was November 18, 2008. Peter Mendre, Co. Patent issuant, says, “We’re confident no other manufacturer can exhibit prior art prior to our original application date. We took our time with the Patent examiner and are certain that our System/Process patent will ultimately preclude any current manufacturer from utilizing this technology going forward in the U.S. or Canada.” John Green, Owner and Co. Patent Issuant, indicates that he has not yet determined the best path for enforcement of this technology. Green says, “This technology is critical to solving many of today’s recycling processing issues. We are not opposed to licensing agreements with competitors who are respectful of our rights and the R&D we expended in developing this technology. We will be diligent in protecting the rights we’ve earned through the issuance of these patents.”

These unique designs make Green Machine® an innovative leader in the industry. Green Machine’s equipment is more than just a purchase—it’s a lifelong investment. Green Machine invites you to “Weigh the Difference”.

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Green Machine Recycling Equipment

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GREEN EYE® OPTICAL SORTER Improves Commercial Waste Processing

GREEN MACHINE® vastly improves existing commercial waste systems with the addition of its patented GREEN EYE® optical sorter.

Watch our GREEN EYE® Commercial Waste Optical Sorter!

Our Hyperspectral vision system successfully sorts both dry and wet cardboard from mixed waste streams. Other technologies have difficulty identifying damp product, wax cardboard, kraft, and box board fibers. In addition we identify and sort all fiber grades producing clean grades of ONP and SOP.

INDUSTRY’S MOST VERSATILE AND EXACTING OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY OVER 10 YEARS developing our hyperspectral identification systems and our artificial intelligence software provides the industry’s fastest and cleanest sort rates of fibers, plastics, woods, textiles, aggregates, ASR, E-Scrap and more!

9,950,346 11/18/2008 4/24/2018


2,688,805 11/17/2009 2/7/2013

GREEN EYE® OPTICAL SORTER Improves Commercial Waste Processing

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Our State of the Art Recycling Equipment

Our new equipment can process 600 tons of recyclable materials per week. Those materials might otherwise have ended up in Seneca Landfill. While landfills are necessary and have many benefits, their space is limited and certain materials do not break down quickly. Recyclable materials linger in landfills, taking up valuable space, for years or longer.

By processing more materials with greater accuracy, we help ensure that plastics, metals, paper and other recyclable materials are able to be reused instead of wasted. This saves space in the landfill as well as conserving natural resources used to make consumer goods.


How Does It All Work?

Loading Recyclables into the Green Machine

Here, a front-end loader deposits mixed recyclable materials from both residential and commercial sources into a dual-side feed metering bin system.

TC Recycling facility | Loading Recyclables into the Green Machine



Elevating and Pre-Sorting

The material is then deposited upon an in-feed system which elevates the materials up to a pre-sort mezzanine area. Sorters manually remove heavy metals, plastic bags and rigid plastics from the stream.

TC Recycling facility | Elevating and Pre-Sorting

Cardboard Removal

The Green Machine OCC Separator system is designed to remove large bulky cardboard from smaller mixed containers and small fibers. The bulky cardboard is then deposited upon a post-sort conveyor where sorters perform a manual post-sort, removing any non-brown, non-cardboard materials. Cardboard is later baled and shipped for processing.

TC Recycling facility | Cardboard Removal

Paper and Fiber Removal

The material which passes through the OCC stream is deposited upon a Green Machine polishing system, which separates fibers (such as paper) from containers. The fibers rise to the top of the stream and are deposited upon a post-sort conveyor, where inspection sorters remove any non-fiber material. Clean paper and fiber materials are later baled and shipped for processing.

TC Recycling facility | Paper and Fiber Removal

Mini Polisher and Glass Breaker

The mini polisher system takes the material which falls off the major polisher for a secondary cleanup, helping to remove the balance of the fibers from the containers. The containers fall off the bottom of the stream, and then travel across a glass-breaker system, where glass is removed and fiber is then also removed from the glass product. Clean glass is deposited outside in a bunker for daily landfill cover or glass recycling.


TC Recycling facility | Mini Polisher and Glass Breaker

Ballistic Bounce Separator

Again, containers removed from the bottom of the mini polisher stream are deposited upon a glass breaker, where fines are removed. Those containers are then transported to a Green Machine ballistic bounce belt separator, where fibers and 2-D materials rise to the top of the separator and containers fall off the bottom. Containers and non-conforming fibers are manually removed from the stream.

TC Recycling facility | Ballistic Bounce Separator

PET and HDPE Removal

Then, HDPE sort system removes all of the high-density polyethylene plastic bottles, such as laundry detergent and milk jugs, for post-sort.

TC Recycling facility | PET and HDPE Removal

Aluminum Removal

The eddy-current separator removes all aluminum UBCs (used beverage cans) from the waste stream.

TC Recycling facility | Aluminum Removal

Material Separation and Storage

Bunkers holding sorted, clean materials are automatically discharged, flow to a baler feed conveyor which then flows to a final processing/baling system.

TC Recycling facility | Material Separation and Storage

Baling Materials

The baler makes highly densified bales of product, tying them with wire for transportation via truck. Although this is the last stage in the process at the TC Recycling facility, the materials we process go on to be used by our customers to create new products.

TC Recycling facility | Baling Materials
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Progressive Waste Solutions Opens Single Stream Plant In Tampa Area

PROGRESSIVE WASTE SOLUTIONS OPENS SINGLE STREAM PLANT IN TAMPA AREASt. Petersburgh FL, Progressive Waste Solutions has recently opened a new Materials Recovery Facility in the Tampa area. The newly commissioned system is designed to process both Residential Single Stream and Commercial Dry Waste recyclable materials. Progressive Waste Solutions system was designed and manufactured by GREEN MACHINE® a New Hampshire based company which also manufactures in Upstate, New York. The manufacturer’s President, John Green, says, “We are pleased to now have a presence in the fast growing Florida market. We hope that the success we’ve experienced in the Tampa area will open doors for more projects for GREEN MACHINE Contracts with Hillsborough County mandated that our customer start processing within a tight time frame from the award of contract. We are proud to say we met Progressive’s contractual obligations”. Jonathan Abrams, Manager of Waste Diversion Initiatives for Progressive Waste Solutions was pleased with his choice in vendors. Immediately following Green Machines successful throughput acceptance test Mr. Abrams said, “I am happy the performance of the Green Machine System. We estimate that our throughput exceeds the design capacity and the end product quality is very clean.

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green machine recycling equipment manufacturer

Components And Systems For Any Recycling Application

Does your sorter see thru outer shrink wrap labels? Can your sorter identify black and white
colors with ease? Can your sorter identify bio plastics, PVC, styrene and barrier bottles? GREEN EYE® CAN DO ALL THIS + MORE!


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Green Stream Recycling

Green Stream Recycling

Green Stream Recycling

There is an emerging pattern in the recycling sector pertaining to the adaptation of single-stream recycling programs. Single stream recycling program have become significantly more popular in many cities and districts as a straightforward method to accumulate recyclables. It is ending up being much more viable and also very well-known as contemporary recycling initiatives evolve as well as pertain to form the disposal, collection as well as reprocessing of materials. This change is tailored towards the replacement of standard multiple-stream programs so to make best use of outcomes within various environments.

The recycling procedure is in fact pretty lengthy and difficult! It entails a lot of sorting, cleansing, as well as melting before it can be reused. Most recycling centers use what is referred to as a single stream recycling system. That is, all recyclable products including plastic, steel, glass, paper are collected all at once. These different sorts of recyclable items have to initially be sorted.

Single-stream describes a recycling system where all reusable materials are transferred into one uniform container. The recyclables are then gathered by a waste hauler, equipped with trucks featuring automatic mechanisms for collecting materials right into one compartment. Post-collection the hauler moves the items to a material recovery factory for sorting as well as reuse preparation. The recyclables are then reprocess by manufacturers right into new commodities, such as, napkins, papers and office supplies.

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Green Machine Upgrades County Waste Facility in Virginia

Green Machine Upgrades County Waste Facility in Virginia

Green Machine Upgrades County Waste Facility in Virginia

Scott Earl, president of County Waste – stated; County Waste of Virginia purchased an existing recycling facility in Virginia in March 2014. At the time of the acquisition of this recycling facility, we realized that the existing system was inadequate for our long term needs. Our previous company, County Waste (Clifton Park, NY) had selected Green Machine to build a 30+ ton per hour single stream recycling facility located in Albany, New York back in 2010. Based upon our previous great experience with Green Machine, we sole-sourced selected Green Machine to retrofit, modify and build a new single stream recycling system for our newly acquired recycling facility in Virginia.

Now that we have the experience of having our new single stream recycling system up and running in Virginia, we can tell you the following:

  • The new system was up and running 3-4 weeks SOONER than promised
  • The new system came in right ON budget, with no material change orders
  • The new system is producing QUALITY end product baled recycled material
  • The tonnage per hour throughput of the system is DELIVERING as promised

I am a very hard person to please. However, what else can I say about Green Machine other than our Company received equal to or better than we bargained for on every key perimeter of purchasing and operating a new recycling system.
Green Machine got the job done for us and I give them my highest recommendation.

Scott T. Earl,
President and CEO

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Plastic furniture manufacturer is now a full circle recycler.

Plastic Optical Sorting System Casual Living 10TPH Baled

Pictured from left, Tim Dohner; Jim and son Jerry

Pictured from left, Tim Dohner; Jim and son Jerry

Casual Living Unlimited’s newly commissioned baled plastics processing plant began accepting mixed bales this January. James Allgyer, owner of Casual Living, needed a cheaper, more reliable source of clean feed stock for his highqualityplasticwood furniture company.

Mr. Allgyer says, “My furniture company depends on high-quality resins to produce the exotic color schemes that separate us from the competition. Green Machine designed and manufactured a system that delivered us the clean product we needed to feed our grinders, wash tanks and ourplastic extruders.”

John Green, President of Green Machine, says, “It was a pleasure working with Jim and his two sons, Justin (furniture plant manager) and Jerry (recycling production supervisor). We all worked closely in determining a final design that would be capable of automatically processing highly contaminated bales of plastics.”

The Green Machine system design begins with an infeed system with a bale
breaker. Mixed plastic bales with fiber, fines and residue contamination are then fed to our rubber disc inclined polishing screen, where the agitation provided by our high speed rotating discs helps to declump bale fragments, while the waste fiber climbs to the top and declumped plastics with fines fall off the bottom. A 2” minus fines screen then removes all small particulates, and a cross belt magnetic separator collects metals. Three patent-pending GREEN EYE® optical sorting systems remove PET plastic, natural HDPE and finally colored HDPE. Each commodity
is blown to huge holding bunkers with live floor conveyors that automatically feed downstream processing equipment.

Mr. Allgyer says, “Our Green Eyes sort cleaner than any other system I visited. We are able to sort with little or no manual postsorting. We are ready to accept mixed plastics bales with plenty of contaminants and sort that material by grade at a rate of 10 tons per hour and produce the cleanest end product. We are now looking to buy mixed bales of plastics from recyclers all over the East Coast and use that material to produce our high-quality furniture products. Our company is truly a full-circle recycler now.”

Designers, Manufacturers and Dealers of Waste Processing Products & Services

Plastics Processing Plant

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Green Machine Recycling Equipment Manufacturer