Mcleod Minnesota Single Stream Recycling

mcleod minnesota single stream recycling

McLeod County Solid Waste and Recycling is a municipally operated facility in Hutchinson, Minnesota. Sarah Young, solid waste coordinator, said the county determined there was a public and private need to convert the county’s existing dual-stream recycling program to single stream. The county contracted with the consulting engineering firm Burns and McDonnell, Bloomington, Minnesota, to complete the design-build for the project and find a vendor that could best convert the county’s existing dual-stream system to single stream within its budget.

Robert Craggs (pictured below at right), solid waste and resource recovery manager at Burns and McDonnell, says, “The engineers at Green Machine devised a unique system design that incorporated all of the existing dual-stream equipment within their single-stream system upgrade. Their design efficiencies greatly enhanced their system cost and met the counties available budget.”

Donnie Hopp (pictured below at left), McLeod County material recovery facility (MRF) manager, says he is pleased with the single-stream system’s performance.

He says the volume of material the MRF is processing has increased by 20 percent since the county converted to single-stream recycling in the spring of 2015, adding that residents have responded well to the change and are keeping contamination at a minimum.

Hopp notified buyers of the MRF’s sorted recyclables that the county was switching to a single-stream system because he “didn’t want them to be surprised,” he says. “They haven’t even noticed that

we have moved to single stream.” The county receives premium pricing for its baled recyclables, Hopp adds.
The MRF continued operating throughout the installation of the new single-stream system from Green Machine because the county didn’t want to lose revenue and had no place to stockpile collected recyclables, Hopp says. “The installation was not easy and straightforward,” he adds.

Despite the challenges associated with this situation, Hopp says, “We were operating at promised production rates within one week of commissioning on schedule. The Green Machine system started up with very few hiccups.”
He adds, “We are now accepting both municipal and private hauler collected single-stream and industrial and commercial waste.”

John Green, president of Green Machine, says, “I feel that one of our strengths is our willingness to integrate existing site conditions and equipment into a simplistic system design. Cost savings realized through use of existing equipment enabled the deployment of new a metering bin feeder system, Z-Pan infeed system, presort, two-deck OCC screen with postsort, glass breaker, eddy current and single-sided container sort with automation of existing bunker systems.”

Hopp was impressed that Green, as the president of the company, took the time to visit the facility. “He was great to work with,” he says.

Regarding Green Machine and Burns and McDonnell, Hopp says, “I would definitely work with them again.”

mcleod minnesota single stream recycling

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Green Machines new Ballistic Separator

Green Machines new Ballistic Separator

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Brokers agree that Green Machine SSR owners are known for producing some of the best fiber streams. Ever more stringent #8 news criteria have required operators to adjust their systems to deliver cleaner and cleaner fiber streams often at the expense of added contamination to their container line. Green Machine’s R&D development team has been busy designing this low cost fiber removal solution. Our system performance has surpassed our engineers and customers expectations removing both light fractional fiber with large percentages of bulky heavy fibers like magazines, phone books and small OCC.

Watch our web site for video documentation of our early successes. Enhancements including dust removal capabilities and additional adjust ability are already in design and ready for deployment. We recommend that any of you who are experiencing increasingly contaminated container streams to contact our sales engineers for design assistance to determine if deployment of this newly available system enhancement is a good fit for your needs.

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