Plastics Recovery Facility (PRF) Equipment

Plastics Recovery Facility (PRF) Equipment

Make Plastics Sorting Easy with a Plastics Recovery Facility

A Plastics Recovery Facility (PRF) recycling equipment simplifies the plastics sorting process by using an optical scanner to sort mixed plastics according to their polymer grade. Sorting mixed plastics is a challenge, even for the most experienced team. It’s more difficult than sorting mixed recyclables because it’s more difficult to easily identify the different types of plastic.

Why Sort Plastics at all?

The problem with recycling mixed plastics comes from the problem of melting plastics together. Some different types separate during the process. This creates different layers in the new plastic materials. These layers aren’t as strong, limiting the use of the recycled plastic. Then there’s the issue of the various filler and dyes that are added to a number of plastics. There are processes that can remove these dyes, but the more affordable ones would damage the polymer blend created when plastics are melted together.

How Does this Plastics Recycling System Work?

The Green Machine plastics recycling system works by using a series of conveyor belts, bins, and an optical scanner to identify and sort each type of plastic. The mixed plastics are dumped onto the intake belt, where they pass through a scanner. This scanner identifies the type of plastic, whether or not it’s dyed, it’s condition (clean verses unclean), and sorts it as directed.

The Benefits of Using this System

Making use of this plastics recycling equipment has a number of benefits:

  • Simplify and speed up the process of dividing mixed plastics.
  • Remove low value plastics to make recycling plastics more profitable.
  • No need for a person to search each plastic item for the recycling symbol and number that indicates the type of plastic.
  • Everything is automated. Once the system is powered up, it doesn’t need much supervision.
  • The plastics recovery equipment requires very little maintenance and can run around the clock if needed.

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