When Your Integrator Can’t Integrate!

Green Machine’s recycling systems integration capabilities are unmatched. Our in-house 508-A UL listed panel building shop, design engineers, and installation/field wiring crews coupled with 100% control over our American-made component manufacturing ensures every project’s timely success. With over 35 years of retrofit experience, Green Machine can foresee obstacles and simplify your project for the most economical approach. One party having control over every aspect of your project is our key to success. Eliminate costly finger pointing and call on the experience Green Machine offers.

Retrofitting Your System with Patented GREEN EYE® Automation

Green Machine’s patented hyperspectral technology produces the industry’s most versatile and exacting automated sorting platform. GREEN EYE® optical and robotic sorting technologies have revolutionized the recycling industry. Since our first deployment in 2007, Green Machine engineers have continued to perfect our patented 3D artificial intelligence high-speed full-spectral collection systems, driving a wide variety of optical and robotic sorting platforms. High-speed sorting of difficult to identify materials such as all paper grades, polymers,
C&D products, textiles, e-scrap, ASR, organics and much more. Both positive, negative and mixed sorts are achieved through simple training methods. Each system can be trained to sort any commodity without exception. Singularly focused sorters are a thing of the past.

The GREEN EYE® Product Testing Facility located in Hampstead, N.H., is prepared to provide exhaustive testing of your difficult-to-sort products, ensuring success prior to deployment.

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