Left: Alan Albee, President Right: Brian Albee, General Manager of Operations

Left: Alan Albee, President
Right: Brian Albee, General Manager of Operations

Eagle River, Wis., not only touts having the World Snowmobile Hall of Fame, they now can lay claim to one of the region’s largest single-stream/commercial recycling processing systems. Alan Albee, owner of Eagle River Waste & Recycling Inc., is the visionary who believed that this rural region could support a 24 tons per hour combination single-stream/commercial waste recycling system. “We believed strongly that Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula residents wanted an opportunity to take part in the country’s recycling efforts,” Albee says. “We have had a tremendously positive response from our region’s residents and have already secured significant tonnage to satisfy our recycling plant’s large appetite.”

Omar Mohamad, Green Machine Sales LLC installation crew chief, says Eagle River is one of the most beautiful areas his installation crew has had the pleasure to work in. He adds, “We know our efforts in building this plant will help preserve the pristine natural beauty of the area.”

John Green, president of Green Machine Sales LLC, says he is very glad to have been selected to build this plant for Eagle Waste & Recycling. “We agree with Alan’s vision that there is a real market for cost-effective, low to medium throughput single-stream recycling systems. We hope that other recyclers will visit Eagle Waste & Recycling to see what Alan and his brother Brian have built and recognize that this is a viable business model, compatible with the needs of many other rural areas of the country.”

Alan Albee comments further, “Green Machines engineers maximized the use of our existing building providing us with a very robust system, which exhibits great multi material handling benefits. We feel that we are now in a position to compete for materials in more populous areas and offer the area an affordable answer to the regions processing needs.”

Rural Single-Stream Processing