Single Stream Recycling Equipment

A Mixed Recyclables System processing at 50,25,12 TPH

Green Machine® has earned the reputation of building the industry’s heaviest most durable Single Stream Recycling equipment for the lowest upfront capital expense. We deliver the cleanest sorted material to end markets at the industry’s lowest materials processing cost.

Technology Behind the Machine.

Patented mechanical and automated processing technologies designed to suit all residential and industrial Single Stream processing requirements.

Single Stream Recycling Equipment:

  • Robotics
  • Optical sorters
  • Mechanical screening
  • Ballistic Belt Separator
  • Density separation techniques
  • Magnetic separation techniques

We’ve developed the recycling industry’s most durable and efficient sorting system. Lowering your per ton processing cost, reducing your labor, and improving your marketed product cleanliness.

Our Full Service Approach Includes:

  • Material composition audits
  • Site engineering and development
  • Full proforma / business plan
  • Operations training and assistance
  • American made with domestic parts
  • SCADA system monitoring and management
  • Total in house design, manufacturing, installation and service

Single stream recycling systems make use of a container sort line and multiple fiber sort lines to create an efficient way of sorting mixed recyclables. This removes the need for separating the materials by hand, allowing collectors to pick up bins of materials without sorting them.

How Does it Work?

First, the recyclables are collected in large bins. These bins are then placed on the presort line. Here, pneumatic tubes remove all plastic bags from the bins. Large pieces of plastic and other large items that can’t fit through the equipment are removed here as well.

The conveyor belt then moves the bins through a number of other systems, each designed to remove a type of recyclable material. Large magnets remove metals, while optical container sorters, ballistic air separators, aluminum eddy current system, and other systems handle other types of materials.

Whatever is left in the bins at the end is then either sent to a shipping container or baled into a small cube.

The Benefits of Using Single Stream Recycling

  • It reduces the cost of collecting recycling because no sorting is necessary.
  • It’s the cleanest and most efficient design for automatic sorting.
  • This system can sort a wide variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, tin, glass, plastic, and aluminum.
  • All equipment used in the Single Stream Recycling system is designed to be incredibly durable, reducing downtime for maintenance and repairs.
  • The upfront capital costs of the system are kept as low as possible, allowing more organizations to take advantage of this system.
  • The system can be designed to process multiple types of materials simultaneously, including commercial and industrial dry recyclables.
  • Systems can be customized for each organization’s recycling needs and the volume of materials they collect.

Do you want to learn more about Single Stream Recycling equipment? Contact Green Machine today to discuss how this innovative technology can help you.

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