Trigon Plastics’ Baled Plastics Recovery Facility in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania

Trigon Plastics opened its plastic recovery and recycling facility one year ago and is now processing in excess of 35 million pounds of post-consumer scrap plastic annually. Owner James Allgyer has developed a full service approach which includes Optical Container, Flake sorting, shredding and wet granulation producing profile extrusions, pelletizing, Gaylord and super sack fill stations along with bulk truck silo loading. We’ve been successful thus far but see two areas for advancement: One, upgrading our 3-7 plastics through additional optical sorting,
and two, generate a source of high-volume low-cost, mixed-plastics to satisfy our growing business.

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We are upgrading our low-grade 3-7 plastics through additional optical sorting. Our GREEN EYE®Optical sorting systems are capable of sorting any commodity we train them to. We are adding a wider 84” higher volume GREEN EYE unit on the front of our system to increase our PET production allowing our existing (three) 60” wide GREEN EYE’s to then sort higher volumes of HDPE, Colored HDPE and now utilizing our last unit to sort #5 plastics. The remaining plastics are blown into a holding bunker where we could run those low-value plastics through the same GREEN EYE’s to further sort out 3,4,6,7’s. Low-grade mixed plastics are difficult to monetize, but when separated, they become more valuable.

We are now deploying a GREEN MACHINE® 20 TPH single-stream processing plant adjacent to our plastics recovery plant. We designed this plant to accept both single-stream and loose commingled containers. Our current GREEN MACHINE container processing system already handles our container stream so all we needed to add was the front end fiber GREEN SCREEN® Systems. Trigon Plastics will now be able to accept mixed bales of plastics, loose plastics and locally collected single-stream materials to separate, sort and produce a final recycled product all at one site. We believe that this full circle approach enhances our bottom line through the elimination of secondary brokers and costly trucking expenses.