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Waste Recycling Equipment Components

Eddy Current Separators Component

Eddy Current Separators– Made to automatically separate/sort non-ferrous metals consisting of aluminum containers from a mixed material waste stream. This is achieved by rotating rare earth magnets at a high rate of speed creating an “Eddy Field” which drives non-ferrous metals separating those things from your waste stream. This system could also double as a ferrous metal magnetic separator drawing metals under the eddy head transferring those items in a getting hopper. GMS Eddy Current Units are created to withstand the tough applications found in the recycling industry. Wide range of belt sizes with magnetic strengths are readily available to suit virtually any application.

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Optical Sorting System The Green Eye® Component

Our patent pending optical identification system reads the molecular structure of each sorted and non-sorted item. This revolutionary technology enables precise identification of desired items, and those that are unwanted such as paper, aluminum and steel cans. This feature enables the best pick rate levels in the industry. Most customers do not post sort while achieving the highest paying return. Our superior technology and durable design produces confidence that your Green Eye is doing its job with little attention from your maintenance people. Green Machine looks forward to the opportunity to prove our system’s design.

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Metering Bin Feeder Recycling Component

GREEN MACHINE ® Bin Drum Feeder system boosts system performance on a lot of recycling applications. Considering that our first deployment the industry identifies our Metering Bin system as one of the most durable and efficient system in the industry. Normal clients experience an increase system throughput of 30% after deployment of our systems to the feed end of sorting lines. Our design provides a homogeneous metered circulation of material eliminating black belt conditions as well as improving presort and screen performance. Our bin storage capacity varying from 40 to 120 cubic yard capacity frequently allows one loader the ability to handle the obligations of the entire plant.

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Ballistic Belt Separator

Green Machines brand-new Ballistic Separator is a low cost solution for the reduction of light as well as heavy fibers prior to container sorts. This system has actually currently been deployed efficiently at 2 locations with surprising positive results. Our design concept utilizes a mix air column’s and belt innovations in combo drawing away heavy 3D material and light fiber fraction from the container stream. This fairly straightforward small as well as cost effective system can be retrofitted within most already existing Green Machine sort lines.

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Advanced Recycling Systems
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