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Ballistic Belt Separator Fiber Removal System

Ballistic Belt Separator

Green Machines new Ballistic Separator is a low cost solution for the removal of light and heavy fibers prior to container sorts. This system has now been deployed successfully at two locations with surprising positive results. Our design principle utilizes a combination air column’s and belt technologies in combination diverting heavy 3D material and light fiber fraction from the container stream. This relatively simple compact and affordable system can be retrofitted within most existing Green Machine sort lines.

Brokers agree that Green Machine SSR owners are known for producing some of the best fiber streams. Ever more stringent #8 news criteria have required operators to adjust their systems to deliver cleaner and cleaner fiber streams often at the expense of added contamination to their container line. Green Machine’s R&D development team has been busy designing this low cost fiber removal solution. Our system performance has surpassed our engineers and customers expectations removing both light fractional fiber with large percentages of bulky heavy fibers like magazines, phone books and small OCC.

Belt Width 60” / 72” / 84”

Belt Angle Adjustable From 50-65 Degrees

Belt Type Textured Rough-Top, 2 Ply Rubber

Separator Length 6’/7’/10’

Conveyor Motor 3 HP TEFC energy efficient (460/3/60), Gear-Reduced

Belt Speed 600 FPM Max, Variable Frequency Drive Provided

Belt Pressure Air @ 0.000-In. SP: 1600 CFM – Variable

Underside Air Dual High Pressure Air Bar- 100 CFM @ 125 PSI

Tons / Hour Up to 10 TPH

Discharge chute Provided

Enhancements including dust removal capabilities and additional adjust ability are already in design and ready for deployment. We recommend that any of you who are experiencing increasingly contaminated container streams to contact our sales engineers for design assistance to determine if deployment of this newly available system enhancement is a good fit for your needs.

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