Our Certified 508-A Panel Building Shop and Green Eye® Test Facility
green machine panel building optical test facility

One of two Green Machine® facilities, our New Hampshire location is home to our company’s certified 508-A panel building shop and Green Eye® test facility. This facility is staffed with highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers who have been thoroughly trained on all of our products and their manufacture.

All of the equipment and recycling systems built at this facility are finished with in-house manufactured UL-listed electrical controls. All of our systems can be integrated with smart controls that allow you to easily access your systems, monitor every action, generate reports, and receive early warning messages. With remote systems access, our in-house equipment experts can quickly and easily assist you with any issues you may have or perform maintenance as needed. Our online diagnosis package allows us to remotely handle almost all system errors and failures.

“Our Green Eye® test facility” was created to enable our engineers and designers to continue our research and development of our exciting and innovative recycling product line. This facility is also used to assist customers with testing equipment, especially if they need equipment for hard to sort materials or materials that are exceptionally large or heavy. We encourage all of our customers to come visit our plant and see for themselves how our automatic optical sorting process works. There’s no other sorting system in the world that uses a process similar to our patented vision system, and no other technology possesses the same capabilities of this system.

Contact Green Machine® today with any questions or to arrange a tour of our facility.

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