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Check out Green Machine Sales, LLC. Patented Green Eye® Hyperspectral Optical Sorter in action, picking news! We deploy the latest advancements in artificial intelligent software and optical technologies, enabling you to evolve with market changes in real time.

Green Machine Sales, LLC. has the flexibility to build your custom single-stream recycling plant equipped with the latest technology and automation. Let’s work together to design your ideal processing system that has the durability and longevity to last and evolve with market changes.

Green Machine Sales, LLC Commercial & Dry Waste Recycling Systems provide you with the ability to collect mixed industrial waste and process it into valuable commodities.

Green Machine Sales, LLC Integrated Dual & Single Stream Processing System

New Jersey – Recycling market conditions have prompted some municipalities and haulers to convert to dual stream material collection (fibers separated from containers collected at the curb). One Central Jersey Green Machine customer requested that we design an upgrade to their 2015 vintage 25 TPH Green Machine Single Stream Recycling System to process an additional 13 TPH of dual stream materials.

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Green Machine – 30 TPH Commercial & Dry Waste Processing System – Recycling Management Resources – Barrington, NJ

Next Generation Green Eye® Optical Fiber Sorter Dazzles Brokers.

On April 8th, 2019, Green Machine deployed its latest Green Eye® Optical Fiber Sorter System to sort mixed fibers at a NJ recycling facility. Immediately upon its deployment, brokers were amazed how easily a high-production commercial & industrial waste processor could instantly go from producing a marginal mixed paper 54 grade to a 58 grade “China” market candidate.

Green Machine fully automated recycling systems are made possible by patented Green Eye® Hyperspectral Vision Systems and Artificial Intelligence Software. Our Green Eye® Optical Sorters have the ability to sort virtually any material including different grades of fiber, OCC, different plastic grades, ASR, E-scrap, trash and residue, wood, textiles, vinyl, and much more!

Presented in this video is our own Green Machine Green Eye® Robotic Sorter that can identify and pick the same material as our optical sorters. Our robotic sorters replace post-sorters making it possible to design a fully-automated recycling system capable of meeting China grade fiber specs and any of your other recycling specifications.

Tim Houlden, project manager, and Mike Bachman, plant manager, with FirstStar Recycling, Omaha, Nebraska, visited with suppliers of virtually every brand of optical sorting technology available in the U.S. and chose Green Machine’s Green Eye® Optical Sorters.

Tim and Mike were impressed with Green Machine’s economical approach to meeting every system design parameter. They say, “Green Machine designed a sortation system to meet our specific quality and production goals. The system has delivered.”

Both Fiber Mills and Processors expressed interest in low cost well-built modular Commercial Dry Waste System solution which can be located anywhere. Green Machine has delivered such a system for well under 500K complete. This tough as nails design is capable of processing 20 TPH of commercial waste and for a nominal cost can be augmented to process residential single stream material. Our design requires no pit, is suited for external use and is provided prewired.  This system is easily installed and is provided with system commissioning and remote maintenance access. Marc Lindemann  GMS sales department indicates that the basic Dry Waste system can be easily upgraded in the field as customers requirement evolve. “This is a great system to make an immediate market presence and grow your business. If our customers growth needs expands beyond this systems capability we offer full value trade in toward a system which meets their needs. This has been a great opportunity for customers who believe that if they build it customers will come but like to hedge their bets!

Green Machine, the New Hampshire-based manufacturer of recycling and solid waste processing equipment and systems, recently completed a mixed-materials MRF upgrade for Winters Bros. Waste Systems based out of West Babylon, (Long Island) New York at one of the company’s transfer and recycling centers. The processing equipment at the facility was originally built by Green Machine in 2003, for Winters Bros. The new  upgrades include a new Green Eye hyper spectral optical sorting system, MSW sizing screen and magnetic separation technology.

“Our latest mixed materials MRF upgrade for Winters Bros., is designed to handle both mixed residential post-recycled MSW and mixed dry commercial waste,”  explains John Green, president  of Green Machine. “The commercial dry waste they are handling includes industrial loads that consist of 50-percent corrugated content, with the balance being trash and other recyclables.

Foothills Sanitation & Recycling Inc.,located in rural North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, has operated a single line, dual-stream system purchased from Green Machine since 2006. Owners Jeff and Janet Miller saw the need to expand their facility capabilities to process increases in local material generation. After years of research they determined single-stream mixed recyclable collection was preferred by their customers, but struggled to make the economies of scale of their small rural community make economic sense for this large-scale business investment.

Jeff Miller says, “We spoke to all major single-stream equipment manufacturers but only Green Machine listened to our needs. Green Machine was willing and able to incorporate our existing equipment within their new system design without expanding our 18,000-square-foot building footprint at a cost that made business sense. We love the operational features of our system design and the cleanliness of the sorted materials.”

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